The Dakar

The Dakar Caravan is the Real Deal for optimum Off Roading for what ever our beautiful country throws at it.

The Dakar is Vacationers premium Full Off Roader. Sporting the 3.7 Alko Outback Suspension for extreme off road conditions if required.

 It also sports a full Aluminium Frame with cutting edge technology. Being Fully Australian made and a rigorous R and D process,

Having Lithium Batteries as standard, a Full Honeycomb Floor.  The Dakar has 3 x 170 Watt Mono Crystal Panels.


For the ultimate off road experience the Dakar has been designed to give you the highest level of comfort while you traverse the Australian outback. 

Discover the passion, inspiration and
excitement our great country has to offer in ultimate luxury and style on your next trip!